Nursery, birth through age 1 (located in the lower level of the church building)

Parents using our nursery facilities (for newborns through age 1) are all smiles. The beeper/pager system allows young parents to attend programs with assurance they will be called if their child needs them. The nursery is fully staffed for all three services with carefully-chosen help. “Noah’s Landing” is where our babies and toddlers call home. Brightly painted walls welcome these little ones with animals of all kinds mounted at their eye level. Our nursery is in the lower level of the church and is most easily accessed from the parking lot behind the church.

Preschool, ages 2–5 pre-K (located in the MINISTRY CENTER)

Our preschool department is a wonderful place for children to come on Sunday mornings. It is for children age 2-5 (pre-K) and is located in the Ministry Center during the 9:30 and 11:00 a.m. services. If you have questions about the Preschool Department, please email Amanda Myers.

Below is a description of what happens in each age category.


These special little people have their own program during all three services. There are age-appropriate lessons with lots of free play. Active group singing is their earliest effort at learning to praise God. Our great staff works hard to provide a program that makes for very happy kids when they’ve been at “God’s House.” The two-year-olds meet in the YELLOW room.

Sunday School (ages 3–5, located in the Ministry Center)

Our age-graded preschool Sunday school program during the 9:30 a.m. service offers separate classes for three-year-olds (Blue Street) and four-year-olds (Red Street). We join as one large group for our Bible lesson time with songs and stories, then return to separate rooms for crafts, snacks and games. Directed by a loving staff, this makes a great hour of learning for your children!

During our 11:00 a.m. Sunday school preschoolers age three through five meet together in one group for the Bible lesson, craft, songs, snack and games. This class also provides a warm and loving environment for your child to learn about Jesus in a fun and exciting way.

Preschool Kids Konnect (at 8 a.m., located in the lower level of the church building)

Preschool Kids Konnect is a fun, Christian-focused program designed for preschoolers who are on campus during the 8 a.m. service. The program provides an opportunity for kids to connect with one another and have fun. They will also enjoy videos, activities and games that will focus on different Bible stories. The preschool department wants to make coming to church and learning about Jesus not only life-changing, but also FUN for our kids!

Special Needs

Our special needs students are highly valued and warmly loved. We incorporate them into the general classroom with the use of a buddy system. Children needing this special attention are first registered with our special needs coordinator so help may be customized to the individual child. It is helpful for us to know ahead if your child will required extra assistance. Please email Amanda Myers.

Elementary Ministries!

Our elementary department is called “Kids’ Town” and is a wonderful place for children to come on Sunday mornings. Kids’ Town is located in the Ministry Center (across the parking lot from the church building). We say it is the best hour of a kid’s week. If you have questions about the Elementary Department, please email Amanda Myers.

Below is a description of what happens in each age category.

8:00 a.m. Service: Kids Konnect

Sunday 8 a.m. on the third level of the church
Kids Konnect is a ministry program where children (Age 2–Grade 5) connect with God and friends in a fun, interactive and Christ-centered atmosphere. It is designed with two specific groups of children in mind: 1) children who only attend church during the 8 a.m. service and 2) children who are on campus for more than one service because parents are attending worship and either serving in a ministry or attending adult Bible class/small group.

9:30 a.m. Service: Sunday School

Our age-graded elementary Sunday school program at 9:30 a.m. is one of the finest in the Waynesboro area. The 9:30 service includes a praise and worship time using contemporary songs kids love, a large group teaching time and a small group discussion time. Children in grades K–2 meet in The Avenue. Children in grades 3–5 meet in The Intersection.

11:00 a.m. Service: The Intersection

The Intersection is for children grades K–5 and meets at 11:00 a.m. in The Intersection. At the Intersection, we believe the Bible should never be boring, worship can be really loud, and good leaders always care. Before kids head off to middle school, we want to make sure these three things stick:

  • I need to make the wise choice (God’s Word will help me do it).
  • I can trust God no matter what.
  • I should treat others the way I want to be treated.