Easter Devotional April 15

Saturday, April 15 | Jesus Laid in Tomb | Amanda Myers, Director of Children’s Ministries

Luke 23:50-56

On that day, Jesus’s body was laid in the tomb. A dark, cold tomb.

His followers were in a state of confusion and despair, many of His disciples fleeing. How could God allow something like this to happen? Wasn’t this the Savior for which they had waited so long?

Many of Jesus’ followers believed it was over. The story had been written and had ended right there on that cross, right there in that tomb. But God had a bigger plan. He was preparing to raise His one and only Son from the dead so that His people may be saved. So that we may have eternal life with Him, our Creator.

Just like Jesus, God doesn’t want us to remain crouched in the dark, cold crevices of the tomb. Life is not found there. Life with the shame of sin and despair is no life at all. Jesus came to give us hope in the darkness of our own personal tombs. As His body was laid in the tomb His followers were in despair. A life without knowing the hope and love that can only be found in Christ is one in despair.

Tomorrow is the day we have waited for. Tomorrow is the day our Savior is resurrected. We can have hope, even in the darkness, that God is the great I Am and that He who raised Jesus from the dead is the same who brings us out of the darkness and into eternal life with Him.


Reflection: Think about a time when you hit bottom and lost hope. A time when the darkness seemed to win the day. Now think about how Jesus can bring hope from despair and life from death. Thank God in prayer for his hope and plan to attend church tomorrow to celebrate resurrection life.

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