GIVEONLINENOW3When you study the Bible, it is very clear that God wants those who are followers of Jesus to give financial offerings to His Church.  Jesus made it clear in his teachings that how we use our money reflects the priorities of our heart and that giving to His Church is one of the things that helps us to keep our focus on the things that are most important to Him.

For many years, giving financial gifts to the church was done exclusively during worship services as offering plates were passed.  However, with changes in technology and the use of debit/credit cards as a primary way to pay for things, it has become clear that the Church needs to provide additional methods for people to give their gifts to God.

At Otterbein, we have many different methods available for people to give their gifts to God.  We encourage you to use whatever method is most convenient to you and will help you best follow Jesus’ teachings about giving to His Church.

Ways to Give to Otterbein Church

Offering Plate/Envelopes in Worship Service

You can give using cash or check during the offering in the worship services.  If you wish to designate a specific fund for your giving (General Fund, Building Fund, Local2Global), you will need to use an offering envelope.  They are available in the seat backs in the sanctuary or you can request a box of envelopes by contacting the church office at or 717.762.7147. If you do not designate a fund, your gift will be used in the General Fund

Giving Kiosk in the Church Lobby

You can give using your debit/credit card at the Giving Kiosk in the church lobby.  The Giving Kiosk is located near Guest Central.  The first time you use the Giving Kiosk, you will be asked to provide payment information along with a phone number and password.  Once you provide this information, you will be able to use the Giving Kiosk in the future by simply providing your phone number and password.

When using the Giving Kiosk, you will be able to designate funds (General Fund, Building Fund, Local2Global).  After completing your gift, you will receive an email receipt of the gift.

Give Online

You can give Online using your computer or tablet by CLICKING HERE.  Online giving is a simple, secure way for you to give a one-time gift or to set up recurring gifts using your debit and/or credit card or providing your banks routing number.  It is a great tool to help assist you to give regularly and generously as you use God’s money to make a difference in our world for Him.

Mobile App Giving

You can give on your smart phone by downloading the “SECUREGIVE” app available for iPhone and Android devices.  After downloading the app and launching it, you will enter the “17268” zip code and choose Otterbein Church.  The first time you use the mobile app, you will be asked to provide payment information along with a phone number and password.  Once you provide this information, you will be able to use the mobile app in the future by simply providing your phone number, password.  As an added security feature, each future transaction will also ask you to provide your debit/credit card security code.


You can Text-To-Give using 888-914-4948 as the phone number.  Text “General $50” if you wish to give $50 to the General Fund.  You can give any amount using Text-To-Give.  For example, you can text “General $25 to give $25 to the General Fund.  You can also use the key words “Building” to give to the Building Fund or “Global” to give to the Local2Global fund.  After texting, you will receive information about your next step.  The first time you use Text-To-Give you will be asked to provide payment information along with a phone number and password.  Once you provide this information, you will be able to use Text-To-Give in the future without providing the payment information over again.

Your Bank’s Online Bill Pay

You can also giving using your bank’s online bill pay feature.  When giving this way, your bank will take care of everything for you.  It is a great way to set up recurring giving so you can know for sure that your gift is given to the church with regularity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is My Giving Secure?

We use “Secure Give” for receiving offerings at the Giving Kiosk, Mobile Apps, Online, and Text-To-Give.  They are a very reputable company who provides this service to churches all over the United States using the latest technology for secure financial transactions.  No credit card and/or password information is stored at the church. We believe your transaction and personal information is as secure as it would be with any other major retailer or online service.

Q: Can I use different methods to give using the same payment information?
Yes.  We use Secure Give for the Giving Kiosk, Mobile App, Online Giving, and Text-To-Give.  Once you set up the payment information for any one of those methods, you will be good to go when using any of the other methods.

Q: How can I view a history of my contributions?
You will be able to view a history of your contributions by using the Online, Mobile App, or Giving Kiosk options.  You can also go to MYOC at and find a detailed contribution statement.

Q: Who do I talk to if I have more questions?
You can call Rick Duesler, our executive director of administration, at (717)762-7147 or you can email him at