The Leadership Team of Otterbein Church is comprised of the Board of Elders, the Management Oversight Team and the Pastors and Staff. Following is an overview of our organizational structure and those who serve in various leadership roles.


The Pastors and Staff

The pastors and staff are responsible for the day-to-day ministry oversight and for equipping and supporting ministry leaders and volunteers. The following is a list of our current staff.

MICHAEL NEWMAN is the Senior Pastor and has been in that position since 1988. Pastor Mike served as Associate Pastor at Otterbein prior to that time. He is married to Michelle and they have a son, Jeb. • 717.762.7147 x223

DAVID BESECKER is the Director of Music and Worship/Pastoral Care. Dave has served as our Director of Music since 1988. In 2018, he began assisting with Pastoral Care along with his music responsibilities. He is married to Darlanna and has two adult daughters who are married.  and two grandsons. • 717.762.7147 x227

RICK DUESLER is our Executive Director of Administration. Rick joined our staff in June 2006. He is married to Theresa and has two adult children who are married.  Rick is also a grandfather to two grandchildren. • 717.762.7147 x225

DIRK SMALL is our Pastor of Outreach, Service, and Local2Global Ministries. Dirk joined our staff in November 2008. He is married to Julie, and they have two children, Hannah and Aaron. • 717.762.7147 x233

MARK GREEN is our Pastor of Adult and Family Ministries. Mark joined our staff in September 2015. He is married to Shary, and they have two children, Allen and Jonathan. • 717.762.7147 x234

DWIGHT KARKAN is our Pastor of Youth Ministries. Dwight joined our staff in November 2015. He is married to Amber, and they have one child, Selah. • 717.762.7147 x232

AMANDA MYERS is our Director of Children’s Ministries. Amanda joined our staff on January 1, 2017. She is married to Steve, and they have two sons, Calvin and Brady. • 717.762.7147 x231

JOHN HOFFMAN is an Associate Pastor of Pastoral Care. Pastor John joined our staff in June 2008 in a part-time position to assist in pastoral care to our congregation. He is married to Becky and is retired from full-time ministry. • 717.593.0113

DENISE METZGER is our Director of Communications and Multimedia Ministries. Denise joined our staff in 2002 and is responsible for all printed publications and oversees the use of multimedia in many of Otterbein’s services and events. Denise is married to Lowell. • 717.762.7147 x228

CALEB FULLER joined our team in November 2017 as a part-time Worship Leader. Caleb leads worship in our late services and also oversees our youth worship team and our youth choir.  Caleb is married to Brittni. • 717.762.7147 x267

BRANDON MCDONNELL is our Videographer. Brandon joined our team in January 2018 and works part-time. • 717.762.7147 x268

GREG STONER is our Director of Facilities. Greg schedules the use of all of Otterbein’s buildings and is in charge of maintaining Otterbein’s campus. Greg joined our staff in 2001. He is married to Jenny and they have two adult daughters, Sheniqua and Karissa, and two grandchildren. • 717.762.7147 x226

LINDA ETTER is Otterbein’s office manager. Linda has been on staff since 2001. • 717.762.7147 x222

LINDA CUSTER assists our bookkeeper. Linda has worked at Otterbein part-time since 2007.

The Board of Elders

The Board of Elders is the highest governing authority in the church regarding spiritual accountability and care of the congregation. They are also responsible for the affirmation or appointment of all ministry positions in the church. The following is a list of our Elders.

LARRY ALEXANDER has been married to his wife Cindy since 1977. They have two adult children, Kevin and Katie and two granchildren. He has worked for Frick Co (Johnson Controls/York) for more than 20 years as a Mechanical Designer. He has been a member of Otterbein since 1982 and has taught many different classes. He served more than 15 years as a lay biblical counselor at Otterbein. Larry currently serves as the Chairman of the Board of Elders.

JOHN HOFFMAN is a part-time Associate Pastor of Pastoral Care at Otterbein Church where he joined the staff in June 2008. Pastor John began attending Otterbein Church in 2008. He is married to Becky. Pastor John and Becky live in Greencastle.

JOHN HORTON currently serves as an Elder, Management Oversight Team Member and assists his wife Sandra in our two-year-old classroom during the 9:20 a.m. service. He has two children, Emily and Noah, and has attended Otterbein from 1992–1997, 2001–present. He is retired from the Navy and is currently working as a Network Engineer for The Defense Information Agency.

JEFF MULLEN serves in the Music Ministry and teaches Adult Sunday School. He is married to Kim and they have a son, Nathan. He is a Certified Real Estate Appraiser in Waynesboro where he has lived since 1986. Jeff started attending Otterbein in 1991.

MICHAEL NEWMAN is the Senior Pastor and has been in that position since  1988. Pastor Mike served as Associate Pastor at Otterbein prior to that time. He is married to Michelle and they have a son, Jeb.
717.762.7147 x 223,

MIKE SATERBAK retired in January 2007 after 20 years in the USAF followed by 22 years working for two department of defense contractors for the Army. He is married to Marcia (Marci) and has 2 adult daughters, Shauna (Saterbak) Rosenberger and Susan (Saterbak) Martin and 4 grandsons. Mike and Marci have been members of Otterbein Church since 1986. He currently serves on the Management Oversight Team and as a Small Group Leader.

The Management Oversight Team

The Management Oversight Team is the highest governing authority in the church regarding the business affairs of the church including finanace, personnel and property. They are also responsible for appointing the Elder Selection Committee which selects persons to serve as Elders in the church. The following is a list of our current MOT members.

JEFF BAKER • 717.762.8840 •

ADAM DONIUS • 301-991-3874 •

RICK DUESLER, chairman • 717.762.7147 x225 •

JOHN HORTON • 717.762.5291 •

DALE JONES • 240.818.6104 •

PASTOR MIKE NEWMAN • 717.762.7147 x223 •

RICHARD OHARA • 717-261-7512 •

DADE ROYER • 717-350-9661 •

MIKE SATERBAK • 717.762.0380 •

DARYL WARRENFELTZ • 717.765.4149 •