Our Purpose

GLORIFY GOD by creating opportunities for people to BEGIN a relationship with Jesus, BECOME more like Jesus, CONNECT with others who follow Jesus, and SERVE OTHERS in Jesus’ name.

Our Strategy

Our strategy for accomplishing our purpose is to create environments where people can worship, connect, serve, learn, partner, invite and receive care and support. We believe as people choose to participate in the environments, it will help them to begin a relationship with Jesus, become more like Him and connect with others who follow Him.

Our Core Values

Practical Bible Teaching

Culturally Relevant Worship

A Local2Global Perspective

Authentic Biblical Community

Solid Marriages and Strong Families

Partnership with Parents

Excellent Children’s and Youth Ministries

Strategic Service

Intimacy with God

Authentic and Passionate lifestyles

Generous Giving

Relational Evangelism



Church Health and Larger Congregation

Servant Leadership

Visitor Sensitivity and Ministry Balance