Elder Recommendation Overview

The Board of Elders of Otterbein Church is comprised of the Senior Pastor and (6) men chosen to serve as Elders.  Elders serve a three-year term from January-December.  Two elders are selected annually. Elders function as the spiritual leaders of the church and are responsible for the following:

  • Provide spiritual care and accountability for the congregation.
  • Provide spiritual oversight and guidance to the church staff and all ministry leaders.
  • Appoint all ministry leaders.
  • Determine and uphold the beliefs and values of the church.
  • Oversee church discipline of members of the church.
  • Work alongside the Management Oversight Team to assure the direction and vision of the church falls within biblical teaching.

During October each year, the congregation is invited to recommend names of persons for the office of Elder at Otterbein. As you consider recommending persons for the position of Elder, please review the following qualifications:

  • Elders must be members of the Otterbein Church and have signed the Otterbein Covenant.
  • Elders must have attended Otterbein Church for at least three years prior to their election as Elder.
  • Elders must be actively involved in at least one ministry of the church.
  • Elders must be able to regularly attend Elder meetings and fulfill the responsibilities of an Elder.
  • Elders must be persons of high moral integrity and spiritual maturity.  They should be men of good reputation in both the church and community. 1 Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:6-9, shall be used as a guide to determine the spiritual fitness and moral integrity of an Elder.

Please complete the online Elder Recommendation Form by clicking here. The form needs to be completed no later than Monday, November 5, 2017. After November 5, an Elder Selection Committee appointed by the Management Oversight Team of the church will review the Recommendation forms.  The Elder Selection Committee will then interview all potential candidates who meet the qualifications for the position of Elder.  Following the interviews, the Elder Selection Committee will choose by secret ballot the required number of Elders.

Steps For Completing The Recommendation

If you know a person whom you believe could serve as an Elder at Otterbein Church or if you would like to serve in the position of Elder, we encourage you to do the following prior to completing the Elder Recommendation Form:

  1. Pray for God to make clear to you whether you should recommend the person.
  2. Read 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9 which describe the biblical qualifications for an Elder. Make sure the life of the person you are recommending is meets the biblical qualifications.
  3. If you believe a person should be recommended, please speak with them before completing the form to see if they would be willing to serve  as an Elder if selected.
  4. Complete the online Elder Recommendation Form by clicking here.  If you prefer to not use the online form, you can download a PDF version of the form by clicking here.
  5. All Elder Recommendation Forms must be submitted no later than November 5, 2017.  If you download the form, send the completed Elder Recommendation Form to the church office no later than October 31, 2016.  Forms should be sent to:  CONFIDENTIAL—ELDER RECOMMENDATION FORM, 801 Park Street, Waynesboro, PA  17268.