Serving at Otterbein

At Otterbein, we believe that every person who attends Otterbein should be involved in at least one ministry of the church where he/she is actively serving others. Serving helps us to grow spiritually and a church can only be healthy and effective when those who attend serve. In 1 Corinthians 12:27 we read, “Now all of you together are Christ’s body, and each one of you is a separate and necessary part of it.”  We believe that God has provided each follower of Jesus Christ with a unique SHAPE (Spiritual Gift, Heart/Passion, Abilities, Personality and Experiences) and that He wants us to use that SHAPE to serve others and grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ.

Volunteer Opportunities at Otterbein/Online Interest Form

VolunteerLinkGraphicaOtterbein Church has many opportunities for people to serve others.  Click on the graphic for an overview of our current ministry opportunities along with an online form where you can communicate to us the areas where you are interested in serving.  After you submit the form, one of the staff or ministry leaders will be in touch with you to discuss your interest in serving.

Helping You Find A Place To Serve

If you are unsure of the best place for you to serve and/or if you have questions about serving at Otterbein, please call or email Pastor Dirk at 717.762.7147 or He would be happy to assist you.

Children and Youth Applications

We request persons interested in serving as a volunteer in our nursery, children’s, and youth ministries to complete an application.  Generally, you will only need to fill out one of the applications if you have been specifically requested to do so by the ministry leader.  If you are requested to complete an application, click on the link(s) below which will take you to the appropriate application for the ministry you are interested in serving at Otterbein.

Nursery Application Children’s Ministry Application
Youth Ministry Application Youth Ministry Reference Form 
Children’s Ministry Special Event Application
PA Residency Form