Between now and December 2020, we will…

1) Focus on fulfilling our purpose as a church with greater effectiveness.

Our purpose at Otterbein is to Glorify God
by creating opportunities for people to
Begin a relationship with Jesus,
Become more like Jesus,
Connect with others who follow Jesus,
Serve others in Jesus’ name.

2) Address facility barriers that hinder effectiveness and our ability to reach more people for Jesus. For more information about how we plan to address the barriers, click here to download the handout that was given on Sunday, Feb. 11. You can also see the drawing below. Click here to view the message from Feb. 11 where Pastor Mike talks about the plan for addressing our facility barriers.

3) Focus on reaching young families and the next generation more effectively.

4) Provide new opportunities for people to connect and experience Biblical community in a small group environment.

5) Serve our community and help meet the needs of our community in Jesus’ name.

6) Provide new opportunities for discipleship and leadership for the next generation of leaders.

7) Begin new Local2Global focuses on disaster relief and reaching multicultural communities within the U.S. while continuing to strengthen our Local2Global ministries and partnerships around the world.

Addressing Facility Barriers in the Past 40 Years:

1989 — Added 2nd Worship Service

1993 — Purchased and Renovated Ministry Center, Added Parking

1998 — Added 3rd Worship Service

2000 — Purchased and Renovated Youth Building

2003 — Purchased 52 Acres of Land on Welty Road

2006 — Constructed Sprung Building (Refinery) for Youth Ministry

2012 — Constructed Otterbein Community Recreation Park at Welty Road

2016 — Moved Preschool Ministry to Ministry Center

Major Facility Barriers at Otterbein:

1) Parking

2) Parents and children not in the same building

3) Distance between Ministry Center and Church building

4) Additional worship seating for future growth