The most important event in the life of a church happens each Sunday morning when the Body of Christ gathers together to worship the Lord through fellowship, singing, prayer, reading the Word of God and listening as it is preached. However, there are times throughout the year when we gather together for special events that help us celebrate and worship God in a different way. Most of these events are planned with the purpose of inviting the community, thus allowing Otterbein to share the message of the Gospel with those who might not hear it otherwise. These events include:

Christmas/Palm Sunday Celebrations
The week before Christmas and Easter the music and worship ministry provides a service that is almost entirely musical. It includes the children, youth, adult dance, children’s dance, praise team, orchestra and adult choir. In addition to the three services on Sunday morning, a service is also held on Saturday, the evening before.

Children’s Production
Each year the Friendship Company, Otterbein’s children’s choir (grades 3–6), produces a full-scale musical drama. This allows the children to use and develop their talents and gifts in a way that also teaches them Biblical principles. It is also a good opportunity to introduce friends and family members to Otterbein in a safe environment.

Holy Week Communion Service
One of the most meaningful services we have at Otterbein is when we share communion together on Maundy Thursday, four days before Easter. The service is held in the Ministry Center gym and focuses on the cross where Jesus suffered for the sins of the world. The atmosphere is subdued, the music is reflective, and Scriptures are read to remind us of Jesus’ suffering and purpose for dying on the cross. The most meaningful time is when attendees are encouraged to walk forward and take communion at the foot of the cross.

Occasionally special musical guests are brought in for concerts. These are exciting times in the life of the church. Concerts bring a fresh and inspiring environment as they expose the church to new styles and personalities. They are fun and create a “buzz” in the church and community.