Purpose of OC Student Ministries

The purpose of OC Student Ministries is to glorify God as we REACH students not yet trusting Jesus and CONNECT them with others following Him, helping each to GROW in their faith, SERVE in their ministry and HONOR God with their lives. These five action words help keep us “on track” in all we do.

Our Vision

The vision of OC Student Ministries helps to communicate what we desire students to look like when they leave the ministry. This is the realistic life change that we would like to see happening in the students’ lives.

We desire to produce students who:

– Publicly profess faith in Jesus Christ.
– Are dedicated to the local church.
– Are constant examples of genuine Christianity.
– Are consistently growing spiritually and are dedicated to studying Scripture.
– Are active in Christian service.
– Understand the importance of evangelism and discipleship and practice both.

Our Planned Values

Here at OC Student Ministries, we also use the word “TRANSFORM” to illustrate our planned values. These are the things we feel so strongly about that they influence the way we think and act as we operate in ministry:

Teenage leaders (Indicating student involvement, support and ownership)
Relationships (Healthy and positive Adult/Student and Student/Student relationships)
Acceptance (A place where everyone is warmly welcomed and embraced)
New people (Wanting to impact the lives of more and more students)
Spiritual growth (Becoming fully-devoted followers of Jesus)
Fun (Laughter, celebration, excitement, a positive and enthusiastic environment)
Outstanding effort (Not perfection, but important enough to be done very well)
Real care (Genuine and sincere respect, love and intimacy)
Making improvements (Devoted to continual review, evaluation and positive change).