Between now & December 2020, we will:
  1. Focus on fulfilling our purpose as a church with greater effectiveness.
    Our purpose at Otterbein is to Glorify God

    by creating opportunities for people to
    Begin a relationship with Jesus,
    Become more like Jesus,
    Connect with others who follow Jesus,
    Serve others in Jesus’ name.
  2. Address facility barriers that hinder effectiveness and our ability to reach more people for Jesus. For more information about how we plan to address the barriers, click here to download the handout that was given on Sunday, Feb. 11. Click here to view the message from Feb. 11 where Pastor Mike talks about the plan for addressing our facility barriers.
  3. Focus on reaching young families and the next generation more effectively.
  4. Provide new opportunities for people to connect and experience Biblical community in a small group environment.
  5. Serve our community and help meet the needs of our community in Jesus’ name.
  6. Provide new opportunities for discipleship and leadership for the next generation of leaders.
  7. Begin new Local2Global focuses on disaster relief and reaching multicultural communities within the U.S. while continuing to strengthen our Local2Global ministries and partnerships around the world.

God has given Otterbein a God-sized vision for the future to help transform lives, families, our church, our community & the world. We are calling it our TRANSFORM VISION 2020. It is a bold vision that we are trusting God to help us accomplish between now & the end of 2020.

Otterbein Church Worship Center

A major part of the TRANSFORM VISION 2020 is to transform our church facilities and address facility barriers that are hindering our growth and effectiveness. These barriers are:

  • children (birth–early elementary) in the same building with adults attending worship services
  • additional seating capacity in worship services
  • additional parking spaces
  • updated and modern facilities to reach the next generation

Here is the vision & plan God has given us:

  • Expand, renovate and convert the Otterbein Ministry Center into the Otterbein Church Worship Center.
  • Move all of our worship services into the OC Worship Center before the end of 2018.
  • Add 100+ new parking spaces on the south and west sides of the Ministry Center.
  • Construct a new modern room for worship services that will include 525 seats (135 more than our current sanctuary), updated lighting, video and sound, and comfortable seating.
  • Construct a new nursery, renovate some of the existing children’s classrooms, and construct a new large, modern room for grades K–3 to learn and worship.
  • Renovate a new OC45 room for grades 4–5 to meet on Sunday mornings.

Otterbein Church Community Center

We also believe God is guiding us to build a new 13,000+ sq. ft. facility on our Welty Road property that will include a gymnasium, small banquet room for 100+ people, catering kitchen, children’s play area, rooms for childcare during events, & more. The building will help replace rooms no longer available at the current Ministry Center building & provide new & expanded opportunities for our church to serve our community & make a difference in Jesus’ name. Construction will begin as soon as permits are approved & site work is completed.

Four Specific Ways You Can Be Involved

Accomplishing a God-sized vision is only possible with God’s blessing, provision and guidance. It also requires us who are part of His Church to join Him in what He is doing by doing our part to accomplish His vision and plan. When we trust Him to help us do our part and step out in faith, we grow spiritually and the Church’s impact and influence is multiplied and amazing things happen. While there will be many ways for us to become involved in the TRANSFORM VISION 2020 between now and December 2020, there are four specific ways we encourage you to consider being part of it now.

1  Regularly Pray for God’s Blessing and Provision

Prayer makes a difference. Pray for God to continue guiding those in leadership as they make decisions. Pray no unforeseen construction expenses arise during the construction process. Pray that all the required permits and government approvals are completed quickly.

2 Commit to Regularly Pray for and Influence Others Who Are Not Yet Followers of Jesus

Our TRANSFORM VISION 2020 is all about God and people. It is about our church helping as many people as possible be transformed by Jesus Christ so they can have a personal relationship with the God of the universe. We encourage you to commit to regularly pray for and do all you can to influence at least two people who are not yet followers of Jesus and/or don’t go to church with the goal they would begin a relationship with Jesus.

3 Give a Special Offering

On Sunday, May 20, we received a special offering during our worship services for our TRANSFORM VISION 2020 Building Fund. We encouraged people to prayerfully consider what God would have them give to help us accomplish the vision God has given us. You can still be part of that by giving a special offering now. As you give, please give “above and beyond” your regular church giving, & give “willingly & cheerfully” in response to God’s blessings & generosity in your life (2 Corinthians 9:6–10). TRANSFORM offering envelopes are available at the church. You can also give your offering on the OC App or CLICK HERE TO GIVE ONLINE NOW. When giving online, please choose the “May 20th Transform Offering” fund.

4 Make a Faith Commitment to Regularly Give to the Transform Vision 2020 Building Fund

We also ask you to prayerfully consider how you might invest financially in our vision by regularly giving to the TRANSFORM VISION 2020 Building Fund between now & December 2020. Please keep in mind the following as you consider what you might give:

  • The amount you put on the card is a Faith Commitment between you & God. It is NOT a contract with the church. Your Faith Commitment & offerings are always kept in complete confidence. If your financial situation changes, you may increase or decrease your giving level.
  • Sharing your Faith Commitment with us by turning in the card helps us plan for our future & be good managers of God’s money & your gifts. It will also help you follow through with your commitment & provide a benchmark for you to see how God provided what you are trusting Him to help you give.
  • If you are currently giving to the Building Fund, please include that amount as part of your Faith Commitment.
  • If you choose to give stocks, bonds, or assets, please note your desire on the Faith Commitment Card. We will contact you to talk about the best way to make those kinds of donations to the church.
  • Faith Commitment cards are available at the church in the seat backs. You can complete them at any time & return them in the offering plate or mail them to the church. You can also complete your Faith Commitment Card on the OC App or CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE THE FAITH COMMITMENT CARD ONLINE NOW.